A Good Day

DSC_4027Today was a good day.  Scratch that.  It was a remarkable day.  One of those days that is so rare but so worth remembering.

We started the day off with me being able to check everyone’s school before lunch.  Around 11 Mark texted me reminding me that I need d to pick up something at the mall, so I made a quick plan to brave the mall and the mall food court (with all eight kids…alone…Mark was still at work) and then grab some groceries.

My kids ya’ll.  Oh my.  They were amazing. And that’s no easy feat with the holiday crowd bustling everywhere at the mall  While I got food they sat and chatted and played.  I think I saw halos over all their heads.  We window shopped and grabbed what we needed and headed out.  Easy peasy.

We made it through Costco with no casualties too.  The food samplers even survived.  Okay, by then Mark was with us.

We rushed back home and made it back out the door to a Christmas program at a local church.  Lights, hayride and food.  My family was all smiles.  We even roasted hot dogs without so much as an eye poked with the stick.  Bryant said this was his best day ever. DSC_4017

We are just soaking in our normal for the next month.  January 8th is our big date.  The day we are planning for surgery and have no clue what life will be like in the coming months.  DSC_3997

And today was one of those days that just oozed with awesomeness.  I’m trying to take in every smile and giggle..  Every “mama” and “daddy.”  Her squeals of delight over “tees” and popcorn.  Her hugs and kisses.  Today was just the day to do it too.

It’s true we have no clue what God has in store for us this next year.  But we know He knows.  So, for now, we are enjoying each day for what it is.

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