Ace-the Potty Man

Ace has had two completely dry days and nights!!! We were so excited and I think he is encouraged by the idea of wearing Superman or Thomas underwear. He’s worn them the past couple of days with some precautions (a pull-up at church yesterday morning) but he did go to church last night with undies on and this morning to MOPS with undies on. He’s still not completely telling us he has to go potty but he’s more aware of it.

Unfortunately, in the rush to get everything in the house this afternoon, I forgot to reinforce that he needed to try and go potty…and an accident occured. However, he was very aware of it and finished going in the potty. I told him if he had an accident, we’d go back in our training pants and pull-ups and try again the next day. He was okay with that.

I’m so proud of our big boy and of us not getting stressed about it like we did with Zoe. We are all much happpier! Now if he could just tell us when he has to go.

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