Ace’s Build-a-Dino

Ace received a gift certificate from Build-a-Bear for his birthday. So, we decided today to use it. We thought it would be fun to get up, get ready and go to the mall and have breakfast at Cinnabon (yummy) and then head to Build-a-Bear for Ace. We arrived at the mall at 9:00.

Now, I should preface this story by saying that we are not frequent mall goers. It’s pretty far out from our house and we usually don’t need stuff there, except vacuum cleaner bags (and that’s not often). The last time we went to the mall had to of been for Zoe’s birthday breakfast and a trip to see what Santa looks like (that was back in December and a tradition I started when she was just a year old).

So, we arrived at 9:00 because usually the mall opens somewhere around 8:30 a.m. for the mall walkers and people who want breakfast at Cinnabon or Chick-fil-a. The mall was not open and not set to open until 9:30. Okay, we thought, we’ll wait. We waited until about 20 till 9 and they finally came around and opened the doors.

Yippee! we thought, now it’s time for the cinnamon rolls. We got to Cinnabon and she informed us that they did not open until the “mall” opened at 10. Ughhh! So, now that’s changed. We skipped over to Chick-fil-a and got our yummy breakfast and then headed to Build-a-Bear. A little grumpy about the change because I’m not waiting until 10 to eat breakfast (although we practically did today). We usually go to Cinnabon for Zoe’s birthday…I guess now it’ll be Krispy Kreme. The mall just hasn’t been the same since a man decided to do a driving tour through it in March of this year (see the video below).

So, we got to Build-a-Bear Finally!!! Ace decided he needed a dinosaur after pretty much choosing and changing his mind about every other animal in the store. He got a little shy when he was stuffing it but picked back up as he cleaned it and then picked out the outfit. Yep, it’s Super man! That, he had no problem choosing. And the name for said dinosaur…Jakers (his favorite tv show as of now). So, it’s Jakers the Superman Triceratops. He hasn’t let go of him since he got him. Zoe grabbed up her Build-a-Bear bear from a trip long ago and they played with them all day! Only Ace did the BAB and Zoe was excellent about it. We all got to put hearts in him though. Liam was in awe of everything. We’ll take Zoe and Liam back on their birthdays to do the same thing.

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