Ace’s Dream

Ace came into our room several times last night. All times waking up Liam. This morning, he got up and started talking about someone sleeping in our (Mark & I) room. I finally made out that the name was Eddie. He has three feet and he stomped down the hallway. He also has a silly nose, but not a silly hat. This is all of Ace’s description. Ace said he wasn’t here this morning that he left with his daddy. He also said that he didn’t come in his room. He also made the comment, while I was trying to figure this all out with Mark via the phone, that there were a lot of people in the house during the night. He didn’t say much else about the people…just that they were here and were loud. Eddie was the same each time he’s told it…stomped down the hallway, fell asleep in mommy & daddy’s room. Pretty weird and funny. Mark said he has a very big imagination…I agree…we’ve never read a story about Eddie. We haven’t talked about monsters in a long time (minus that Zoe and Ace both say there are monsters in a dark room and ask us to turn the light on…doesn’t really count). We all decided it was a silly lazy monster…Ace seemed fine about it but Mark and I surmised that was the reason we recieved all those night visits!

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