Adoption Update

I know I’ve been quiet on what is going on with our adoption.  But, rest assured, it is still ongoing.  Because of some rules, we have had to wait and do a re-start.  We aren’t have to pay any extra out of pocket (something that is a very real concern with any adoption) to the agent.  We’ll have our dossier 2.0 complete the first part of May and it will go back over.  We are praying we’ll get to take our second first trip (we have to re-start our trip process too) in June.

For now, we are waiting and praying.  We miss our Y the Brave. Yes, we’ve been very busy with Emmie but Y has never left our hearts, minds, and prayers.  We all still want him home very much.

But, once again, God reminds us that He is in control of our lives and even our Y the Brave.  We are trusting Him to bring Y home at just the right time.

In the meantime, we have a flower/gift delivery service that we are able to use to send special treats to him.  In return, we get pictures from the delivery.

12987 (2)

In March, we sent 32 Kinder Eggs.  Thirty-two chocolate treat eggs.  Thirty-two.  We told him to share.  We are praying he did.  His dentist is praying the same thing!  Hopefully, we redeemed ourselves with April’s basket.

Just look at him!  He’s getting so big.  And so we wait on God’s timing and trust him in God’s hand.

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