Adoption Update Again

We had our first home study visit yesterday. A travel 3 hours away to have this meeting, with the kids. It went okay but we went long and the kids got wild. Mark was wondering what the social worker was thinking as Ace and Liam chased each other with action figures around the conference room and neither of us batted an eye.

I think it went good. Mark was pumped. He asked me why I wasn’t excited, mainly because I can’t see my daughter’s face right now, so I know we still have a way to go. It’s good to be started though.

Just pressing on and on to the next thing…getting ready to go camping! Loads of fun.

I’ve had several people ask me what the process is and what we have to do, etc. I’ll work on getting a post together about all that over the next week or so and put it up so you can be praying about us and it for each step.

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