Okay, well a couple of months ago, a reporter for one of our parent magazines here came by a MOPS meeting and did an article on our MOPS group! She was a great reporter and so sweet and expecting her third little one with a grade schooler and toddler already. She called a couple of weeks ago and asked if I or if I knew of anyone that could give her some information on kitchen organization. She wanted input from a mom with little ones running around. So, I just talked to her about how we ran our kitchen and cleaned, etc. I had just cleaned out/reorganized my cabinets so we talked about that. I also talked to her about how I work with the kids and get them to pitch in and help. We talked about their chores, etc. Then I left her with two names of people who I thought she would like to talk with (one is a MOPS mom of 10 with one on the way). I don’t think she contacted my friends but she called today to give me a head’s up that a reporter was coming out from Augusta Family Magazine to take pictures of me in my kitchen with my kids…do you know what that means??!!! I HAVE TO CLEAN MY HOUSE!!! That would not be a big deal and ordinarily it would be presentable clean but with me being sick last week and dealing with Liam and Zoe being sick, I haven’t done a lick of cleaning…yucky house. I have until one tomorrow afternoon to get the house, especially the kitchen clean as a whistle! Wish me luck. I’ll post the article as soon as it comes out (in March, I think).

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