Alive and Kicking!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since Saturday. Any guesses why???

Mark is now back at work and I’m on my own. However, Ceili Rain decided to go on a long night nursing spree with grunts and snorts Tuesday night, so Mark actually stayed home on Wednesday. That was really nice!

We’re doing really good and have even had school this week.

Ceili Rain continues to be a really good baby. She sleeps, eats, and, well, you know…she’s also getting a little more alert around eating time which is fun for the others.

Josiah continues to dote on her and wants to kiss her billions of times. Liam and Ace are the same way. Zoe just enjoys watching her.

I’ll post some pictures sometime in the next couple of days of the kids and what they’ve been up to this week! Stay tuned!

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