And the Winner is…

Okay, first I have to comment on each of the kids that got a vote.

Um, hello, we have a daughter. Zoe!?! I know, she’s very compliant and did not do it.

Ace: Yeah, I could see him doing that but he’s very vocal and would have given himself away the first pass through with giggles…which is how Zoe always finds him when they play hide and seek.

Josiah: Yes, he got a vote and while historically, we typically have our 13 month old in a big bed (well, Zoe at 13, Ace at 14 and Liam at 15 months), he is still in a crib. He, also, has not mastered the fine art of climbing out of bed. Nor can he be still for more than 3 seconds. Good guess though!

Which brings us to…Liam!! Annette won the guess but only by 17 minutes! Great job guessing. Actually, my mom got it pretty quickly but she didn’t post it. I don’t think she beat Annette though.

Such is life with Liam the Explorer and expert Hider. Is there an Olympic event for Hide and Seek? Maybe he’s training early.

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