And the Winner is…

Kyra from The Adventures of Me! Kyra won a set of 16 notecards created by me! Thanks to everyone who entered. I hope you all come back to my blog and visit here and there! This was a fun contest.

On other news, I’m trying to publish some video but can’t seem to get it to come up. Wonder if I know anyone who is handy with a computer???Hmmm!

Oh and for those curious, this is how we picked a winner. I put the numbers in a column and had each child (and Mark) pick a number. Liam picked 4 (he always says four). Ace picked 30 because 3 was not in his column and 30 has 3 in it. Zoe picked 45 just because. Mark picked 66…that’s what popped into his head. So, I cut those four numbers up and let Zoe draw out a number because she is the only one who gets the whole idea of drawing a number! And she got Kyra’s! There ya go!

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