Baby #5 is…

a singleton, like all my other babes! Yeah, it was pretty evident there was just one in there so spare me the comments about, “Are you sure???” Just ‘cuz I’m showing and only 8 weeks (not 9 like I thought), doesn’t give anyone the right to comment on my size. I’m not eating that much but I’m poking out because I never lost all the weight from Josiah, so that stuff gets poked out too! And it’s my fifth (actually sixth) pregnancy, so please cut me some slack.

So Dr. J was looking at the u/s picks and commented, “You’ve got this baby thing down pat.”
I smiled and said, “Well, it’s not us that really has it down.” I’m getting a bit more bold in sharing Christ with him as the pregnancies go!

After the u/s, we were waiting on Dr. J to call us back and so we sat in the waiting room again. There was an middle aged woman and her mother in there.

The mother looked at me and commented to the daughter, “Don’t scare her.”

I looked up smiling and made sure she was talking about me.

“Oh, this is my fifth, I doubt she could scare me.”


Then the wonderful comment that all moms with more than two children hear.

“You do know what causes that don’t you??”

To which I wanted to reply, “No, I just keep waking up feeling yucky and wow! They keep telling me a baby’s there. But no bother, I just live off of welfare and the government take care of them thar babies.”

I have to say that one comment is the most aggravating and it so implies that I am ignorant and poor. That has to be the one comment that grates my nerves the most.

Anyway, they went on to talk about how “it’s great if it’s what you enjoy, etc (the kids not the what causes it part).” I just smiled and jumped pretty quickly up when Nurse D called us back.

Okay, so we don’t join the crowd that thinks we have to constantly have children coming out our ears and that everyone has to do that (militant something or other).

But we are in the camp that believes that every child is a blessing and a special creation from God. They (we) are each created in His image. Sometimes when people comment on how many children we have, it seems they lose sight of that blessing. I know I can lose sight of it real quick when two are fighting and another had an accident on the floor and the other has ran into something and there’s blood everywhere. Yeah, it’s easy to lose sight of the blessing they are. God always finds ways to remind me of that blessing when I need to be reminded most. And I thank Him for those reminders, no matter how small.

Anyway, I just also forget that most people don’t meet others who have more than two children. That’s fine, but I just forget. See, there are a lot of families in our church with three or more children. We see all of them a lot, so when other people see me and start counting, I always forget that they see numbers, where I see my kids. Just like I see all of our friends and their kids. Not, “oh my, 12 kids.” Although, that’s fun to throw that comment out (that we know someone with 12 kids not that we have that many) and take the conversation off my mere four. Oh and they’re not on welfare either!!

I’m thinking of nicknaming this one Johnny #5 (you know from that movie that I can’t remember the name of). I think this kid needs a nickname because if it’s a boy, right now, he doesn’t have a name to speak of, so we’ll have to call him something when he’s born, right?? More on that later.

Did ya guess my kid yet??? Now I know there has got to be more than six people who read my blog! Come on ya’ll!!

5 thoughts on “Baby #5 is…

  1. Abbie, I have two kids, and I STILL get the “you do know what causes that, right?”. Maybe its something people say when they don’t know what else to say, like they think they are being witty or something…hmm…
    I, for one, think you’re doing an amazing job, and I LOVE reading your blog!! AND just from reading your blog, I would say the mysterious hider is ACE!!!!

  2. I’ll have to add that I think people are going to have a comment about kids regardless. For 5 years, I heard “when are you going to have a baby?”, “have you been to a doctor to see what’s wrong?”, “have you thought about adoption?” Then right after I had Ryland it was and STILL is “It’s about time for another one, right?”, “are you gonna have another one?”. So that’s just to add to your questions about having several. hehe I just tell people that it took us so long to have Ryland that we are just enjoying him right now. :o) I think people are just curious, but when you have those questions asked several times by several people, it does wear on ya.

  3. My wife gets comments about how big she is too! It really upsets her, and it makes me sooo angrey, because the midwife says that she is a perfect size. Some people just don’t think, do they?

    The Broken man

  4. thankful our newest niece/nephew got a good report! praying for you all…bbjoghtj&n
    ps- are you going to let this one be a surprise? :o)

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