Baby Essentials

Since my time in babyhood is coming to a fast close and since I have several friends who are having babies (some for the first time), I’d thought I’d share my favorite baby stuff and what I deem baby essentials, along with comments about why I love these items. I originally wanted to do ten but all I could come up with were 8. I’m sure I forgot something but here it is for whoever needs it!

1. SwaddleMe Blanket-this blanket is the cheaper version of a miracle blanket. It has velcro and a sack to put the babies feet in. The velcro wraps the baby up in a swaddle that keeps them nice and secure. This can also be found in baby superstores. A definite must for fussy babies or babies who like to be wrapped tight.
2. Baby sling or Hip Hammock-when you need your hands free or you just want to carry them around all day. I used the hip hammock with Liam because I didn’t feel comfortable sitting him on my hip in the sling. I finally figured our how to use the hip carry with the sling for Josiah and I love it. My favorite sling is the ring sling, but there are a variety of ways to wear your baby. Check out The Baby Wearer for more info on them!
3. Boppy-nursing moms will get a lot of use out of this pillow for arm rests or if your baby prefers the “football” hold. It’s also great for sitting up practice (something to fall on) and for belly time.
4. Nursing cover, hooter hider (go ahead and laugh, you know you want to), or bosom buddy-These are awesome covers with nylon boning in them so mom can peek at the baby while eating without the whole world knowing. It’s a great modest way to nurse your baby without having to sit on a dirty toilet or hide like you’re doing something shameful. They are also very stylish. You can buy these online or make them or let me know and I’ll make you one.
5. The Bobby Swing-okay for people who lack space to store all the baby equipment out, this is awesome. It’s a travel along swing. It doesn’t slow down no matter what the weight and this is great if your baby likes to go high and fast (which Josiah loves). It cushions the baby great. The legs fold up easily and the seat folds up and snaps. My only issue is that the legs can pop out when you move it. There’s no way to secure them from doing that. And, keep in mind that not all babies are swing babies. But, for the price (cheaper than one of those fancy bulky swings), it’s worth a try.
6. SnuggleNest-this one’s for parents who want their babies to sleep with them but want to do it safely. We found this with Liam and wanted it because of his reflux. He would wake up choking and coughing and it was nice to have him so close that we could sit him up or just lay a hand on him. Josiah, “the big boy,” did not stay in it long, but it was great while it lasted. It folds up nicely for travel too. I just saw that they make one that inclines…again great for reflux babies.
7. Travel bouncy seat-for people on the go this is a must. The one we have was made by Summer. It’s a almost no frills bouncy. But it’s also about 2/3 the price of those frilly huge bulky ones. This one holds baby, has three toys, and folds up flat and fast for easy travel. It also has it’s own carry bag which makes it easier to carry. There’s music and a vibrator on it. Josiah loves it. Keep in mind, when purchasing these things, there is no need to buy one with a ton of toys…they’re babies and can get easily over stimulated. We always look for functionality before fashion!
8. Diaper Champ-uses regular trash bags you don’t have to buy refills, virtually eliminates all diaper odor and now, they’ve made it accomodating for cloth diapers with a wider opening! I wish they had that when we started using cloth diapers. There are just so many great things about this diaper pail!

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