Baby Peanut Update

Baby Peanut is growing good. Not sure how much weight gain but not worried about it either…we’re doing good and he/she is keeping me hungry. We got to hear the heartbeat. Zoe, Ace, and Liam all got to come to the appointment so they got to hear it too. Zoe loved it. She wouldn’t stop rubbing my belly all morning. It took awhile to hear the heartbeat, he/she was moving too much, but he/she finally slowed down for us to hear it.

We’re scheduled for an ultrasound on February 15th and, if the baby cooperates, we’ll be able to see if it’s a boy or girl. So, now is the time to post your thoughts…is it a boy or girl?? what are the names?? We’d love to hear what our friends are thinking!

Our votes:
Abbie: Boy
Mark: Girl
Zoe: Girl (just because she wants it to be)
Ace: whatever Zoe says
Liam: baba *splurt*

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