Baby Update

First…the nickname, in utero, of this one is (drum roll please) Peanut. For those that don’t know us too well, we have to call the baby something until we find out what we are having. No “it’s” in our house, so we give them nicknames. So, Peanut it is. Let’s see, Zoe was Baby C, Ace was (I can’t remember), Liam was lil’ bit. Yikes…I thought I could remember Ace’s but oh well. I think Mark would rather call this one parasite since he/she is sucking my energy but that’s okay.

Okay we went to the doctor today and had another ultrasound. I was really hoping we would be ALL caught up and at 11 weeks which would mean only a few more weeks of nausea and tiredness but alas, no. We were 10 weeks. So my official due date is 7/12. The ultrasound measured the baby at 10 weeks 3 days which would put the baby due on my dad’s birthday 7/9. But that just isn’t really that precise, so they left the due date at 7/12.

It was so neat. We may have had an ultrasound at the end of the first trimester with Zoe but I forgot how neat it was/is to see your little one not only growing but moving. We were able to make out the head and Peanut even “waved” to us and gave me a few little kicks so we could see his/her legs.

There was an issue with a cyst that had ruptured at my first doctors appointment but apparently it’s been abosrbed completely in my body and the ultrasound tech didn’t see any other problems with little Peanut. Lots of yummy amniotic fluid around our little one to help him/her grow.

And yes, we will find out if it’s a boy or girl but not until February or March so we all just have to wait a few more weeks and sit through a few more uneventful doctor’s visits!

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