Braced Again

Emmie got her seventh (I believe that’s right) brace in February.  Thankfully, this brace wasn’t on her neck!  We talked a big game leading up to Brace Day and she was excited to pick up her Super Ems Brace.  She never once complained about how long it took (a little over an hour) to get it fitted just right.  She was up to the required 20 hours before the week was over.
I had to get Emmie this dress that reads, “I’m a super hero.”  She totally rocked it too! Are we excited or what?!  Actually, she went through a phase in February where we would say, “Smile.”  And this was the result.  We now get a half a smile.
A quick picture before we hit the road to go back home…my poor photography skills. The next day, though, I caught her silliness along with a Bryant photobomb.

She happily showed off her brace for me!

In another month, she’ll have x-rays to see if her spine is stable and we’ll meet with the orthopedic surgeon (as well as several of her other doctors and have an MRI).  Please pray her spine is stable and she can go to nighttime with the brace.  I’m anxious to get her fully potty trained before baby comes along.  That is impossible with this brace.  She’s not secure enough in going to just wear undies over the brace.  This means we have to take the brace off every single time she has to go to the bathroom…and then put it back on. The suggestion was made to just put the pull up over the brace…I’m not cleaning that up ya’ll.

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