A Brief Update

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long…for anyone interested. All and I do mean ALL of us have a cold. It started with me…went to Liam…then to Mark…then to Josiah…and now to Zoe and Ace who seem to have gotten it at the same time. To top that off, I think I have some kind of pink eye thing going. Not sure but it hurts and has gotten better with a little bit of antibiotic. Liam and I are heading into sinus infection stage. Mark is getting over it and Josiah seems to not really have it very seriously (yea breastfeeding!!). To add to our colds, the temp today is in the upper 60s!!!

I’m still attempting 3 trips to the gym but it still ain’t happenin’ so I’m trying to be content with two and working my tail off at those two trips!

Not much else going on.

If you see me on the road, be patient, I can’t see very well 🙂

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