Camping on Stone Mountain Day 1

We traveled to Stone Mountain Georgia today. Mark’s birthday is today. And he was off from work today and tomorrow, so he chose to go camping. This isn’t our first time camping. Nor is it our first time at Stone Mountain. It is, however, our first time camping with four children and our first time camping with Mark’s parents!

We arrived on site and rushed to set up the tent and get unloaded so the kids could take a nap and we could eat and go to the laser show. Phew! Busy time. Josiah was so excited about being here he couldn’t sleep.

In our rush to get things unloaded, the boys down, etc, we had our first adventure. Zoe was inadvertently directed to some clear fluid that we thought was water but turned out to be lighter fluid. We did not realize that it was lighter fluid and she took a small drink of it. Mistake #1.

We realized pretty quickly what had happened (thankfully before Grandmere could drink some) and proceeded to figure out what to do. Now, I know what to do and what not to do…I didn’t then. Don’t make someone throw up that’s swallowed a liquid chemical. Typically, the liquid will flush out of their system on it’s own. However, if they throw up, it could go back into the lungs causing chemical pneumonia. Mistake #2.

God was watching over us so sweetly and even though I made Zoe throw up, she did not have any adverse reactions. Praise God for His mercy on Zoe. That was enough adventure for her. After a couple of hours of cuddle time with Grandmere, she was up and her normal self.

After our adventure and supper, we headed to the laser show via the water taxi. To say the kids enjoyed every part of this trip is putting it mildly. The taxi was a hit. As was the laser show.

We decided to go on the 3rd instead of the 4th thinking it might be a little less crowded. You’ll see in our pictures from day 2, we made the right choice. We got there, found a great spot and settled in. We also saw the exact same show and fireworks as was done on the 4th…they do them the 3rd through the 5th for the Birthday celebration. This is the 25th anniversary of the show and it was absolutely wonderful. The fireworks were beautiful! The kids were amazed and loved all of it. Ace got tired towards the end, but he made it without much complaining. Liam loved it…Zoe thought it was cool and gave it a thumbs up.

Josiah didn’t make it though and because of his lack of sleep that day and falling asleep on the boat to the campsite, he was up and down all night.

While waiting on the water taxi, one of the workers at the marina gave the kids some food to feed to the ducks. They thought that was really cool.

Oh, and happy birthday to my wonderful husband! Enjoy, because next year, you’ll finally be 30!!! I love you and am so glad you are mine. I hope you had a wonderful birthday even though we forgot the dutch oven (among other things) and had to have your “cake” three days later.

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