Camping on Stone Mountain Day 2

Happy Birthday USA!

Got up, got showered and dressed, and ate. We headed over to Stone Mountain for some of the attractions. We rode the Skylift. Mark had Liam on his pack, I had Josiah in the sling and Ace and Zoe were set with walking. They loved the lift and the mountain. Me??? Well, I survived it and was glad to be on the bottom at the end. It was a hot day. We were blessed that everywhere we went, there was no wait. We got right on the Sky Lift. Got our lunch and headed straight to the Great Barn without any trouble.

The Great Barn was a neat indoor/air conditioned place where the kids could collect foam balls called fruit to get points etc…they could also shoot them at each other, do different activities and go down two four story slides. And they had three little climbing/playing areas for little ones Josiah’s age. He loved it but was really tired. It had a mesh area around it so the littles wouldn’t get hit by balls. Ace and Liam got to go down the slide, but Zoe was busy and missed it. She was also really tired that day and took a good nap when we got back to the campsite.

Then we all slathered up and got our suits on and headed for the pool to cool off. It was wonderful to get wet and cool. The kids all loved it.

After swimming, it was back to the site to enjoy supper, watermelon, s’mores, and sleep. The kids all got to sleep by 10 and were happily close to sleep when the fireworks started across the mountain. They mostly slept through them, although they were pretty loud. All in all, an “uneventful” day…again, the kids loved every single part of the trip. Josiah slept much better, too.

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