Catch Up-Scrapbooking Trip

From the top of the falls at Amicalola looking out at the valley. The falls have over a 700 foot drop.
This is the very top of the falls. We attempted to walk to the base of the falls but this pregnant gal couldn’t quite make it! It was a steep walk from our cottage to the base, so you’ll just have to settle for this smidgen of God’s beautiful waterfall.

Lookie at all the pages I got done! Finished up 2005…gotta get Liam’s done before Josiah gets here and I’ll feel good about where I am in my hobby!

Annette and her finished pages.

Melissa L. and her finished pages! She actually had twice as many since she had some finished pages on the other side.

Melissa M. finished up several albums these are two she worked on! She’s so organized, she is caught up with all of 2007!

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