Our annual family pictures happened late this year.  I wanted to make sure we got Tobin in them.  Our photographer this year was a friend, Madeline, from Shot in the Moment Photography.  She was incredibly patient and the kids were incredibly cooperative.  All that to mean we had some pretty incredible pictures.

Tip Toes

Emmie is taking ballet this year.  Not just any ballet.  Her teacher is an occupational therapist and scoliosis warrior.  It’s an amazing class designed to include special needs kiddos.  We got to enjoy observing her class in November.
Showing off her new ballet shirt. She runs in to each class and is always willing to engage her teachers and helpers.  In short, Emmie loves it!  Watching her dance, we could see such joy.  This class has been a blessing to all of us.

October Randoms

Welcome home work for Baby Tobin (and Mama)! Zoe had a rough month of testing.  She took the SAT and PSAT for the first time.  We celebrated with our favorite eat out place!  I’m so proud of how hard she is working in her first year of high school. She also got some great blue highlights. Lulu and Tot welcomed Tobin with lots of sniffs and licks and made sure to cuddle up with me to protect us both.
Silas built Tobin his name in legos! Emmie loves her bracelets. Everyone enjoyed visiting Tobin while I recovered. Emmie took a good nap on daddy during church. Tobin’s first family outing.  All twelve ventured to the library.
S’mores night! Pumpkin carving Scary face pancakes at IHOP are free on October 31st.  We love free food.  Especially when you can play with it.

Daddy took the kids and dogs for a walk.


March 30th brought a big Emmie Anniversary.  It was a year ago March 30th that Emmie had her halo removed.  We celebrated with our traditional cookie cake!  It’s still so amazing to look back and see how far God has brought her in her NF journey already.


April 27th brought another anniversary.  It’s been two years since Emmie had her first ever surgery (and the first surgery for any of our kids).  I can’t believe it’s been two years since our NF journey became so much more than a mild case.  But, we are so grateful that it has been two years watching her grow and get stronger as each day passes.

Once again…a cookie cake (that I whistfully changed from a three to a two).


Calling All Sidekicks

We’re gearing up for our second annual NF Walk.  And that means it’s time to fund raise for Children’s Tumor Foundation and research to end Neurofibromatosis.

I bring to you Emmie’s NF Walk 2017 Fundraiser.

We’re selling them for $10 each (plus shipping if needed) and will run the sale until June 30th.  So, who is ready to show support for our pigtailed super hero?

If you want to grab a shirt, complete the contact form below.  Let’s get this fundraising train started!

February 17 Randoms

As Facebook is wont to do, an ad appeared in January that grabbed my attention.  I totally succumbed to the click bait and fell in love.  With my new found fondness, I created a LoveBook for Mark for Valentine’s Day.  It was totally fun, unique, and completely us.  Each page is a different reason I love Mark.  Complete with my unruly and curly, frizzy hair and Mark’s beard.  If you have a loved one who is difficult to buy for, this is just the thing!  Mark loved it, by the way. Emmie pregnant with a ball.  Funny as it is, this was right before we found out I was pregnant.  She cracked me up walking around with this ball under her shirt. Born a fighter and cute! Getting ready for a night at the theater.  Our local college put on Camelot and four of the nine wanted to go see it.  They all enjoyed it and only Malachi slept through the second half. All kinds of cute. Static Slide Hair times 3.
I took four of the kids to see Winter Jam this year.  They occupied themselves in line by drawing in the sand. Everyone enjoyed it but Silas fell asleep towards the end. Speaking of falling asleep.  She is precious when she crashes on me. Zoe won the t-shirt design contest for her local AHG.  They’ll be modifying it to work on an actual shirt but I thought she did an amazing job. Two cute kiddos reading books.  Note Emmie’s crossed leg to hold up her book!

This is what my house looks like when we come home from the library.  They act like they don’t have two weeks to read all their books.
Emmie rocking her new outfit made by moi! Mark took Zoe, Ace, and four of Zoe’s friends to cash in on her birthday gift….a trip to Mastermind Escape Games.  They had a blast and escaped with five minutes to spare.

Oh, Christmas Tree

Hey…look, after an eleven week break, I’m back.  On to December!

Our annual Christmas tree hunt was so much fun.  Besides finding a big skinny tree, we had a blast at the farm.

Our two furry friends went with us. It’s impossible to tell that our big ol’ Sunny girl is fifteen years old!  She was running and playing and had the best time. Emmie had to show us how tall baby was! Yummy snack time while daddy loaded the tree. Seriously, ya’ll, this was THE perfect tree.  Tall but not too fat!  And very reasonably priced.

Family Time

Thanksgiving weekend was spent with Ge and Granddaddy.  Always a blast.  Especially when we can watch Alabama beat Auburn! Ace exploded sticks-a gift from Aunt Yaya and Uncle J. We went downtown (before the game, of course), to celebrate Small Business Saturday.  Bryant loved his birthday gift from Aunt Yaya and Uncle J. Emmie was ready for the game.

Silas enjoyed Steak n’ Shake this time.

Thanksgiving 2016

We were super excited to host Papa and Grandmere for Thanksgiving this year.   Mark put Papa to work on the patio.
The girls enjoyed watching the Macy’s Parade. Emmie found a walking stick. Everyone signed the Thanksgiving clothe. Can you tell Josiah was super excited about the food?  Mainly the turkey.
Our spread. Full table…full hearts. Zoe was our napkin folder again.

See?  Turkey!