Ceili Rain Update-38 weeks

So, I had an ultrasound to check out Ceili Rain’s size. Estimated through ultrasound she was around 7 lbs 4 oz…that means that she could be anywhere from 5 to 9 lbs…which is good. Dr. J agreed with me that she probably wouldn’t break the 9 lb mark like little Josiah.

Another thing that was seen is that the fluid level was at 7 cm. This landed me with another ultrasound (a chance to watch baby, oh man…can’t you hear my groans) next week to check fluid levels. If they are going down, I’m just guessing that that will mean an immediate admit into the hospital with an induction. Dr. J doesn’t want the levels to go below 5 cm.

Oh, and I’m at 1 cm..which basically means very little to nothing!

So, with that and with Mark’s work schedule, we have scheduled an induction for the end of next week. And for all curious onlookers, I am planning on blogging throughout the labor! Of course, I’m sure Mark will do a lot of the updates…especially if I’m sans-epidureal. Should make it interesting, no?!

Another thing, for all skeptics…Mark saw again and the sonographer confirmed that she is definitely Ceili Rain and not a boy!

Now it’s prayer time:

1. The amniotic fluid levels either go up (if that’s possible) or stay the same but don’t go down.
2. I don’t have to be induced but will go into labor before the scheduled induction.
3. If I go into labor, that we have someone to help with the kids!

2 thoughts on “Ceili Rain Update-38 weeks

  1. I forgot to mention this on the phone, but just remember that minutes before Katie arrived she was estimated to be around Steffie’s weight(7lbs 12oz) and she was 9lbs 5oz! I didn’t have a late ultrasound though. Just thought I would mention it. I’m so excited about her arrival, can’t wait to meet her!(but I know you aren’t excited at all!)

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