Ceili Rain Update-39 weeks

I had an ultrasound today to check the fluid levels around Ceili Rain. They’ve gone up thanks to me drinking about two bathtubs full of water this past week…and equally using the bathroom that much I believe! Praise God for this and for her doing good through all the stuff the sonographer looked at. Not sure what it was but I got to see Miss Ceili Rain a little more than last week. The kids weren’t as interested so she showed the screen to me. I love seeing my babies on that.

Liam kept remarking, “That’s so cool! That’s so cool!” He loved it and since she gave us three pictures, I let Liam have one and Ace too. As far as I know they’re taking a nap with them.

I’m also at 2 cm dilated which is good. Now it’s a wait and see if she’ll come before the scheduled induction or on the day of induction.

More prayers please! Thank you to all who are praying by the way.
1. Mark’s grandmother had to be admitted to the hospital with a severe infection. As a result, his mom is having to help take care of her and can’t be here right now. Please pray for his grandmother’s health first of all. Then for Mark’s mom and uncle’s strength and patience as they care for their mom. And then, that Mark’s mom will be able to see Ceili Rain not too long after she is born or even be here before she is born. We’re working now to cover the other kids during the labor and before and after so I am also praying that his mom does not worry too much over not being able to be here to help. God always provides and has always taken good care of us and our kids during labors and deliveries.
2. For Ceili Rain to come on her own without having to go through the induction.
3. Most importantly, that we have a safe and healthy delivery. More important than schedules and other stuff is that Ceili Rain is healthy and that I stay healthy throughout all of this!

And stay tuned…live blogging by Mark (or me or both) will begin when Ceili Rain’s labor begins…until then, enjoyed the posts I have coming for the next couple of days.

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