Ceili Rain’s Birth Story

Here’s the story of Ceili Ran’s birth for those who are slightly interested…all the details I suppose…

As a recap: I was 3 cm dilated when I got to the hospital for the induction and contracting some. Pitocin was started and then the contractions started. They never really got regular which was different from my previous labors but it actually turned into a benefit in the long run. So, when Dr. J came in and I hadn’t progressed really at all, I asked him to please wait to break my water. My fear was that I wouldn’t progress. I had decided that if I wasn’t progressing when he came back, I would ask him to just let me go home and wait a few more days.

So, when he came back to check on us and get to delivering some other inductions he had that day (yep, I got beat out by a first time mom, given my history, I’m not surprised), he checked me and I was at a 4 so he broke my water. That was around 1:30.

Now, I have to say that that poor lady in the room beside mine started pushing at 1:30 but at 4:30 still had not had the baby. I was still trying to work through the contractions that were quite strong. I asked for the birthing ball hoping it would really get me going. So, when Dr. J got to the hospital at 4:30 I asked him to check me again. That’s when I was at a 5. Wow…what progress huh?

During all this time, the monitors kept slipping and Ceili Rain was not being cooperative. I would find her on the monitor (we were pretty much left on our own, which was fine with us, because they were working on delivering other babies…it was packed for such a small hospital) and then a contraction would come and she would move. So, they couldn’t really tell what her heart rate was doing during contractions. A nurse came in while I was on the birthing ball and wanted to try and adjust the monitors. So, I gave up the ball and decided to sit up on the bed. The ball was good but for some reason my legs kept going numb so I was happy to change positions.

She found Ceili Rain and all was fine. Honestly, her heart rate never really dipped during the whole labor…she just kept wiggling everywhere. This was a wonderful way God took care of her. More on that later.

I really was getting quite uncomfortable by this time. I didn’t want to stand, sit, or lean forward. The contractions were in my back a little but more than anything in the front.

I had the ipod going with wonderful worship music trying to worship God and not focus on the labor. Mark kept distracting me by talking and getting me to think about other things. He was an awesome coach and doula!

So, after getting on the bed, I started thinking in my head that I just really didn’t want to do this for two to three more hours. I was hurting that bad. I finally decided a little after 5 to have the nurse come check me. I told Mark (as best I could) that I wanted an epidural if I was at a 6. So, another nurse came in (the lady in the room beside me was still pushing), and checked me. I had started thinking that if I thought I couldn’t do it, I might be transitioning (that means about to have the baby…for those non baby havin’ people). She checked me and I was at a 7 to 8. Okay, I knew I was close and it wouldn’t be long. She left and I started wondering why they weren’t getting things ready (aside from the fact my nurse was still with the other lady and had no clue what was going on).

About three more contractions after I was checked I started feeling lots of pressure and knew we were close. So, when the third contraction came on, I asked Mark to please let them know I was getting close to needing to push. He paged, I breathed out the need. They all came running. In walked our dear nurse who was with us most of the day for Josiah’s birth. By that time, Dr. J was finishing up with the lady beside my room. They asked me, if I could, to please wait while he finished with her (she had finally delivered). I tried but knew that with each contraction there was an urge. They told me to go ahead and so they all just watched. After a few pushes one of the nurses decided they should just write on the charts I was complete (at a 10).

So, I performed for about five nurses! They were really sweet and commenting on how well I was doing and that they wish all moms were like that etc. I think they didn’t want to do anything because they didn’t want me to actually have the baby without Dr. J. This was different than Josiah’s as I really had very nice rests between pushes. I was able to breathe and relax and didn’t get numb like I did with him. Getting those extra “practice” pushes in helped Ceili Rain get down and made for a nice quick delivery.

Dr. J came in with my nurse and after getting everything set up and Dr. J got ready, I pushed through one good contraction and out she came. Dr. J didn’t want me to push but it hurt and I couldn’t stop so she came on out. He was trying to get me to wait as Ceili Rain had the cord around her neck one and a half times.

I was amazed, this time, how calm I actually was. I was also very grateful that her heart rate did not dip even with the cord around her neck. God truly watched out for our little girl. I really could feel His presence throughout the day as I labored. My music was key in keeping me focused on Him. It hurt, oh yeah, it hurt, but it was so worth it to have Ceili Rain here and I would not have done it differently. She is truly a sweet blessing from God.

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