Ceili Rain’s Visitors

Ceili Rain had a few visitors during our quick stay at the hospital. Here are some!

Kevin and Tracy are our friends who were married last June and had Zoe as their flower girl. They are expecting their first little one, Ceili Rain’s playmate, in August! And it’s a boy!! Kevin hasn’t had a lot of practice with baby babies and so here’s his chance! He’ll be a great dad and Tracy will be a wonderful mom. They both love children and put up with our crazy crew a lot!
My best friend, A, and her family came for a visit. Her two daughters are 5 and 3, Ace and Liam’s age.

A’s husband visiting with Ceili Rain.

S., my friend’s daughter loved her.
My K-bug, just couldn’t keep her hands off her. She had to see every little part of her. They were all so sweet!

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