Christmas at CHOA

Emmie had an appointment at the beginning of December.  It was fun seeing the hospital all festive.IMG_20151204_104500518 Baby and Emmie were waiting patiently for an x-ray.
IMG_20151204_112651056 IMG_20151204_112722163 A small toy soldier army.
IMG_20151204_114554917 The weather was pretty decent and we had free time after the x-rays before Emmie’s appointment.  We wandered down to the koi pond.  On previous trips, they were doing construction and it was all closed.  I thought it was just a little pond.  Nope.  They have a small basketball area, green space to kick a soccer ball around and a small putting green.  IMG_20151204_114556643 IMG_20151204_114611796 Our kids had a wonderful time!IMG_20151204_114825387 Bryant had to get a picture by the turtle.IMG_20151204_114906360 Putting away!

I love that our kids are always up for an adventure and can have fun wherever they are.

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