Christmas Parade

On Sunday after morning worship, we braved the “harsh” autumn cold air (NOT!!!) to sit and watch the Christmas parade. By the way, I’m seriously considering turning the air on and throwing ice around the house to make it “feel” more like the cold Christmases I remember.

Anyway, here are the reactions to our kids first trip to a parade with some splashes of friends thrown in (we were not home all day until late that night…which left of asking what we were thinking…crazy parents and our idea of creating memories…yes, we’ll probably do it again next year because we lost all our brain cells when we had Zoe).

What is this strange thing before me? Why are we eating a sandwich in the middle of town?

“Phew! These people have got me worn slap out.” said Katie Bug

Liam’s expression as he watched the shriners’ on their little go karts.

Okay, so this is just funny. These are my best friends girls. I didn’t realize that Katie Bug had the snarl on her face until I got ready to put it on the blog…too cute! If you’re wondering, her and Liam are the same age and act a ton alike (very scary).

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