Construction Update for Monday & Tuesday

Construction was in full swing on Monday. They started before I left for MOPS tearing out the wall to the hall closet and bracing the current doorway to our bedroom. Now the entrance to our bathroom is through the hallway. This week, we’ve got electricians coming in, inspectors, tub guy, window guy, and siding people! We’re very busy!! Fortunately, on Monday, my best friend offered to take the kids so they could rest while construction was going on! Big plus and I barely got anything accomplished…but I tried.

Entrance from the hallway to what will be the “boys” bathroom.

Liam soooo loved watching the electricians on Tuesday, while I fretted that he would decide to pick up some deadly tool and use it against himself (he’s pretty accident prone). He’s so curious. Here he is watching the electrician install a box for a switch to the boys’ bathroom. I’m so excited that both the boys bathroom and our bathroom will now have ventilation fans (a must for any boys’ bathroom, as far as I’m concerned!)

And here was a momento left by one of our nice electricians. “Bless his heart…” he didn’t even realize he had done it until Bill came by and I pointed it out to him. I guess his foot slipped off of the beam he was using in the attic and he dug a little deeper. They were super nice guys, though…very friendly with the kids and very patient about little Liam following them around. Of course, I took off with the kids for a weekly trip to Wal-Mart and then ushered them out the door until I had to get lunch ready (before speech).

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