Construction Update for this weekend & Monday

Well, Saturday we all headed out to pick out tile for the bathroom and something to match the existing bathroom…it was expensive!!! We got back to the house, and lo and behold, the siding guys were there finishing up! They, of course, worked on Friday but only for an hour…took an hour and half break…and then worked until two again (putting in about 4 hours)…not sure what was going on. Mark went out to check on the progress. They had just finished and were “cleaning up.” However, when I went out there later to see how it looked, there were boards scattered all over the yard and they all had nails in them. Not very good for my little daring toddler named Liam!

Shortly after the siding guys left, Mr. Bill showed up unexpectedly. I told him the siding guys left and he smiled really big. I’m guessing he called them and discussed the fact that a 10X15 addition shouldn’t take 3 days to complete. So, we discussed our tile choice and he informed us that “just the tile” would cost over $200! Eek! I fretted all weekend about how to cut costs and Mark and I both came up with the idea that to keep labor costs down, we could tile the shower and floor our selves. We just had to check with Bill. I also told him I would head to another hardware store to look for tile to match the boys bathroom. We only needed 12 tiles.

Yesterday, I headed over to the hardware store and looked for tile. I knew that it had been purchased at this store because we were told that pretty much everything in the house that had been renovated from the previous owners was purchased there. Lo, and behold, I found it!! And there were 15 tiles in a box (giving them three to mess up on when they install it). I also found some waaaay cheaper tiles for the shower and started looking at vinyl for the floor. I picked up some pieces and got those for Mark to look at. Mark talked with Bill and they decided that we could do the insulation installation and tiling and that would save a lot of money. He was in agreement with us finding cheaper tiles, too! Hopefully, though, he can get the contractors discount at the hardware stores. He told us he would supply us with the tools and supplies, we would just supply the labor.

So, it looks like we are going to be installing insulation tonight if it gets delivered today.

Oh yeah, Saturday afternoon while the kids were sleeping we started the painting process. We got the hallway through one side of the kitchen wall completed, along with the trim for that. I would show a picture but it’s the exact same color it was…or very, very close…maybe a little more lighter. But the trim and molding look soooo much better. We’ve needed to paint that area for such a long time…finally started! We were going to try and finish that this week after the kids were in bed, but since we’ll be doing the insulation, that takes top priority. We only have a little bit of the painting left in the kitchen.

We also went to Michael’s and got Mark’s Denny Chimes print ordered for framing. I’m super excited about that. I started work on the boys shower curtain this weekend too. It’s a plain white shower curtain, and I’m adding a red and white gingham ribbon to it to help with the Alabama theme. I think it’ll look good in the boys room. Unfortunately, their room will be the last to be finished since, painting it will be on the bottom of the list (along with our bedroom). We’ll have to paint the addition after the drywall is up to make room for the vanity, toilet, etc.

Wish us luck as we’ve never tiled before!!

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