Construction Update Tuesday & Beyond

Yesterday, we were still on the search for the perfect tile…I found several at Lowe’s and Mark and I picked through them and choose the one that would work best…the cost $1.68 a square foot!!! Yippee! Good price. We also picked out a floor tile that we thought would work good too. It’s a stone looking vinyl and should work great. Mark is all for vinyl…it won’t be cold, if we get tired of it it’s easy to replace and cheap!

We didn’t get the insulation today. Apparently, the drywall guys are extremely busy but are working us in Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. The insulation guys are coming tomorrow morning first thing. I would really like to start painting and getting the floor laid this weekend so that we can get the rest of the stuff finished up next week…wishful thinking, I know.

I’m ready to get my house back in order and to have doors and a wall on both the hall bathrooms. I worry that Liam will try and take a dive down the toilet. He loves water.

To curb my frustration, I cleaned out Josiah’s crib and got all of that organized…I feel a little bit better!

Gotta run get snack for my sweet ones.

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