Diving In

We had two boys decide to join the summer swim team this year!  This was our first year on a team and a really big learning year for us.  

Liam did great and showed some major improvements in sportsmanship, diving and swimming in general.  He actually won the award for most improved in his age group!  And he won several ribbons for relays and backstroke (which proved to be his strongest race)

Silas loved every second of swim.  He improved on his times for all races and declared that the butterfly was the best stroke.  He won several ribbons for relays and freestyle and also a couple of heats in backstroke!  His year end award was “Most Excited to Swim.”

There is a dad on the team who can make magic with sharpies!  The boys called them tattoos.

We’re excited to see what next summer holds for these two and, hopefully a couple of other kiddos!

Our first meet was super long.  And all of us felt it.  Mark and I quickly realized staying for an entire meet did not work for any of us!  

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