Dossier 2.0


In May, we finished up and submitted our second dossier.  A few weeks later, we heard from the powers that be and in a few weeks, we’ll see our Y the Brave!

Yes, this has taken awhile.  No, it’s not over yet.  We’ll have our second “first” visit and then wait somewhere around a month and have our court date.  After that, it’ll be around ten days before the last trip and to officially pick up our son!   We’re praying everything moves quickly and smoothly from here on out.

We would love your prayers for

  1.  safe travel for us.
  2. safety and a good time for the kids as they stay with family.
  3. a good reunion with Y the Brave.

I can not wait to see our son.  I can not wait to visit his beautiful home country!

We’re keeping a close eye on our funds but, there is a good chance that even with the added trip, we should be okay.   Our God has provided so much for us this past year through friends, donations, gifts and grants.  We are trusting in His provision as we continue.

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