Drywall…the new “black”

I’m not fond of painting with preschool children running around. However, we found a great deal on a larger freezer than our little 5 cu foot (which is now for sale…any takers) which means that getting the boys’ new closet, aka our old master closet, painted and our new wall where the old master closet was painted needs to be stepped up. Okay, that’s confusing I know. I want to get this project which has been going on for over a month now finished so we can get the boys room organized. I don’t have anywhere to put the new freezer, because we’re going to gut the utility room, clean, paint, put new flooring in and reshelve but we can’t do that until we finish the project we’re working on now.

So, I painted today. I hope to get most of it done today and then tomorrow we’ll have just a little to do. Mark is going to put in shelves in the closet to put/organize the boys’ toys (or lack thereof if Ace keeps refusing to do his job…that’s another story) and we’ll be ready to tear up the utility room. I can’t wait!!!

All that being said, why do we paint???Drywall should be “in” sometime soon. Maybe half finished painting with little toddler hands all over the wall will come back in style.

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