Family Camp ’17

Family Camp 2017 was a little different this year.  Who am I kidding?  Each year we’ve gone to family camp it has been crazy different.  The first year, I had just suffered a miscarriage and Emmie was fresh out of the hospital with her new headgear (halo brace).  Second year included a jet lagged new son and daddy.  And this year…I was 33 weeks pregnant.  We knew we were in for a fun weekend when we met this little guy staring back at us.

Holding this girls hand as she gets to sleep never gets old.

Emmie had plenty of friends hanging out with her while Mark and I did a few races during our family olympics.  Mr. J is a family favorite!

Zoe determined that our family olympics group would be Team Fun because, ya’ll let’s face it, I didn’t get to help much and we have a lot of littles.  Zoe kept reminding me of that when she told me to get my life jacket on to do the mother/daughter kayak race.  At 33 weeks pregnant.

I sat in our kayak.  It had a hole unplugged and I started going down.  The guys kept saying it would be fine…I think they were snickering behind me.  Either way, I wasn’t going out on the water until they plugged it.  Successfully done…we were off. We tied for last but we finished.  Honestly, it wasn’t my pregnancy that gave me’s turning around!  I can never get the turns. Pretending to paddleboat.  The only way it’s really fun! Family Olympics is always a big hit.

Team Fun!

Archery tag was a new and fun activity!  Seriously, who doesn’t enjoy pelting their siblings with rubber arrows?!

Another fun feat…I hiked up the Little Stone Mountain Mill Trail. We started way down where that little road is. And Emmie?!  She also hiked the whole way up.  Mark and I were in tears.  We didn’t go up the first year.  Last year, Mark carried her the whole way.  And this year…she walked all on her own.

Such a lesson to us to take our mountains step by step…knowing that sometimes God is carrying us through the years…other times we just need to hold His hand to remind us He is with us.


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