Family Worship

We’re entering a new realm of family worship. One evening the kids requested we sing. So, we did. Mark and I thought it would be a good opportunity to teach the kids to praise God through hymns (both old and new) and other praise songs. We’re up to three. Four, if you count the good ol’ “Jesus Loves Me.”

Here’s a video of the kids singing one of their favorites, “Lo, in the Grave He Lay.” What I caught, doesn’t really have Zoe doing her part which is, “Here we go,” right before we sing the chorus. Towards the end you can kind of hear Liam say, “Evrybody quiet.” Which is his “added” part. Please ignore my singing!

Someone(Josiah, we believe) had a little, hmm, how shall I say, bodily functions going on, so there was a little stinch at the beginning which is why Ace was holding his nose.

Oh, and did everyone notice my little ham (Zoe)!

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