November brought my fortieth birthday.  I guess I shouldn’t say that…curl up in a ball…cry giant tears.  Whatever!  I have no shame in getting older.  I think I’ve lived a good life.  Not really one I was planning but way better.

Mark did an amazing job making sure the day was special.

Like conspiring with one of my besties who lives in Pennsylvania for her to drive all the way down here.And then sending me out with both of my besties for breakfast.  These two women are my nursing home conspirators.   You know…the women who are going to put up with me until I’m old and gray and we’re rocking on the front porch reminding each other who we are.   He had the kids prep and make cards for me. And a giant spread of lunch goodies. Friends stopped by to make goofy faces and eat with us. And my parents came up.  Sure, they came for me…but honestly, they came to love on the baby. I got some Tobin loving too. I even got a wished for bike shirt ordered from Children’s Tumor Foundation.
Tobin wasn’t too sure what to think about Granddaddy. After a trip to Emmie’s ballet, we rushed the kids home for Mark and I to go out to eat at The Chophouse.
I got to celebrate my birthday throughout the week while Kristina visited with us. And then we all went to see Wonder based on the book by R.J. Palacio.  It was amazing and a wonderful end to celebrating another decade.

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