Girls Room Redo

I don’t know where I got this wild hair to redo the girls room.  Oh wait…it started with Mark being gone to Ukraine.  While he was gone, I decided to finally redo the kitchen table.  While getting paint for that, I found paint chip samples that I thought the girls would like.  They did.  We finally decided to work on their rooms in December. Mark painted while Emmie was at an appointment.

The blue is the new color.

We decided to swap out the girls beds to give them more space.  Our friends were getting rid of their old bunk beds and we grabbed them up.

We painted the girls beds but the girls’ were ready for their new layout before the beds were ready.  The girls’ new bedding came with a pillow that didn’t really match.  Enter matching fabric that I used to cover the pillows.
And the vanity chair.  Actually, Zoe did the chair.  She didn’t want to paint it, preferring the shabby shic. I found some really cute vinyl decals we put up on the long wall. I also added the fabric to to the top of the white curtains.We added shelves for some storage.

I also updated, added and improved on the girls hair clip board.  It turned out better than I though.  Room for flexis and Emmie’s precious bows she loves to wear.

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