Granddaddy Update-Wednesday

Well, Monday, we were told late in the afternoon that dad would be moved out of ICU. When we went to see him at his 5:30 visitation, his heart rate was up (atrial fibrillation is the medical term). So, he had to stay one more night. Tuesday found dad in a good mood and feeling good. He sat up more and more. In the afternoon, we were told, once again, that he would be moved to a room. By 5:30, he had a room and was set to go in it by 8 last night…and he did!!! We’re thrilled.

I left shortly after finding out and we made it home late last night. Fortunately, Mark is home today and we’re able to get things caught up so we can have a normal routine hopefully tomorrow.

Dad’s room is 336. If anyone wants to email him (he would so appreciate it) click here. Again, his name is George Britt.

Please continue to pray for him and our family as he is recovering. My mom said that she slept really hard last night. Dad slept good until they came in to take his vitals. He still has some fluid in his lungs and they are trying to get that cleared up. When I left, he was still on oxygen and I assume he still is. He’s also having to do breathing exercises to help clear out his lungs.

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