The Grass

First off, again, Ace is running a fever this afternoon…not out of the woods with him yet!

This is just cracking me up! All through May we struggled to keep our grass from going completely dead. Then the tropical storm came through while we were on vacation. Last week we had Vacation Bible School in the evenings and so we couldn’t cut the grass (which had grown because of the good yummy rain we had from the tropical storm). Every night last week (except maybe one) it rained! Yesterday, our chance of rain was about 30% so, I thought, great, Mark can work on the grass after the kids go to bed.

So, I asked him at supper if he was going to cut the grass when the kids go to bed and he said he was planning on it. Not even thirty minutes later, I hear rumbling in the distance. By the time we finished supper, it was lightning and thundering all around so the grass didn’t get cut. Mark just called and I told him if he could get home quickly, maybe he could beat the rain. However, I just looked at the weather radar and it doesn’t look like he’ll make it! Oh well, I’ll have to get out and measure how tall it is before he actually gets to cut it.

What a blessing, though! We have been praying for rain and there are still places all over the south who are going through severe drought! We have been blessed with good rain these past few weeks.

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