Guesses for Baby Peanut

Okay, I couldn’t resist, I had to include a baby pool for baby peanut. We’ve done it with at least Zoe and Ace so I thought we’d do it with Little Peanut! You can click on the link below and enter the following information to be in on the pool! The winner gets to enjoy just being right.


Game name is: babypeanut4

For those that need to know: Not sure if I’m carrying high or low…mostly in the middle right now. I am currently not planning on being induced so the due date is up in the air. Eating a ton (no big cravings just a lot of different things). I didn’t ask the heart rate so can’t help there. Have fun guessing!!

2 thoughts on “Guesses for Baby Peanut

  1. I was induced with all my pregnancies but I was going into labor with Zoe (at a 4 when I went in)…so, Zoe was 10 days early, Liam was 10 days early and Ace was induced on his due date. Hence, the reason I am not planning o being induced with this one…want to go through a real labor naturally!

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