Happy Birthday J-Bug!

My niece turned 9 last week! Mark and I are just in denial about this. It was just yesterday that we celebrated her birth not her birthday. She had a great cowgirl/barn party theme complete with roping cows (a stuffed one) and bobbing for apples (which Zoe did well on). Being the wonderful aunt that I am, I did not get any pictures of the birthday girl. Please forgive miss J-bug. Zoe, Ace, Liam and Josiah about ran/crawl themselves tired. They had such a good time. Josiah scooted out on the floor (it was in my niece’s church’s gym) and just spun in circles…he didn’t know where to start. Zoe had some time warming up to my niece’s friends. J-bug was wonderful and introduced her to several of her friends…after that it was all over. Ace just loved playing as did Liam.

Cowboy Josiah!

Granddaddy gettin’ so good cuddles.

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