Alright, I’m officially posting on our cuties for Halloween. So, technically, the polls are closed. Thanks everyone for voting on my sweet peas.

Here’s the results:

Zoe: With 14 people voting, 71% said she was Strawberry Shortcake, 21% said Georgia Peach (which she is to me), 7% were goofy and said Bob the Tomato…and 71% of the people were right. Miss Zoe was Strawberry Shortcake. Okay, all you late 20 early 30 somethings get out of thinking about the “old” frilly Strawberry Shortcake. Zoe was the updated new and improved one. Blue Jeans, striped shirt, jacket around her waist and the ever present big floppy hat. She had the jeans. I found the shirts at a store. The hat I found at a consignment sale with the cheap one piece jumpsuit costume. I sewed red hair to make her hair. Total cost probably around $10. The jumpsuit costume was about $20 online. A lot of people made comments on her. She was the only Strawberry Shortcake that we saw at the Trick or Treat thing last night.

Ace: With 92% saying he was Peter Pan and merely 7% saying Spider man. Mr. Ace had a time trying to come up with what he wanted to be for Halloween. Decisions are not his strong point. When he said Peter Pan I jumped on it and found out how to make his costume. I ordered the hat though. I found instructions on how to make his costume here. He informed me after I had finished the costume, that he didn’t want to be Peter Pan. However, we informed him that if he didn’t dress up as Peter Pan he wouldn’t get candy. Yes, I know I bribed, but I knew he didn’t want to miss out and I was not going to make yet another costume for him. Everyone thought he looked adorable and so do I. I actually bought the hat on ebay because of time constraints. So his costume probably cost about $10 too.

Liam: 92% of the people were right that he was a pirate. He had been practicing for a long time saying, “Arggghhh!” But getting him to put on the full costume has been a bear and so we haven’t pushed it. We did manage one decent picture with the eye patch. His costume was probably the cheapest because I made a quick vest out of red broadcloth and tied it off with black broadcloth. We used leftover red to make a bandana which he didn’t wear. I found cheap pants at Goodwill that I cut off for pirate pants and that’s that. His probably cost about $5 to make.

Josiah: I guess I stumped people on that one, but if you know me you would have been correct in guessing with 66% of the voters that Josiah was the Cat in the Hat . Of course, that costume was cheap too because it had been used by previous children. Someone had given me the hat which is an adult hat but fun to try and put on them. I made the costume using black sweatpants and a sweatshirt and that nifty sticky back felt. I drew the shapes on the back of the sticky paper, cut it out, and voila! Instant Cat in the Hat. He got a lot of cute ooohs and aaahs too. Although, no candy for him.

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