Hospital Days Pt 2

Emmie slept most of the day on Thursday.  She had to have a little oxygen after the vent came out but that was only for a couple of hours and it was a very low flow.  When we moved out of PICU Friday, we got to really see her come back around.  She saw her toys and wanted to play.12755047_10208641503178739_1848984737_o
And, of course, go for a walk.IMG_20160219_161001117

The kids all came for a visit on Saturday and Emmie couldn’t have been more excited to see them.

IMG_20160219_161634625 The beautiful weather meant a trip outside. IMG_20160220_134942760 IMG_20160220_141133271

Emmie enjoyed watching a construction crane in the parking lot.IMG_20160220_140055155 IMG_20160220_135201406_HDR IMG_2919


Grandmere and Papa were awesome and so willing to help.  They got to watch the kids for a few days and then Ge and Granddaddy got the same privilege (at least I hope they think it was a privilege).


Our first happy time in the therapy chair was on Monday morning.IMG_20160223_120423070

Emmie’s room.  All cleaned up and ready for us to head out.


She broke out on Tuesday right as we got there and discovered that the parking lot was full. No worries as I circled back around and she got valet treatment.

Our traditional meal at Chick-fil-a after discharge.  She loves the chicken nuggets.

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