I promise

Pictures are coming. I have them all ready to go but just haven’t had the time to do them. I have three card orders that I’m trying to finish by the end of the week, plus school, getting ready for Christmas and my own personal Christmas cards…we’re busy as usual around here.

Josiah’s done good in his bed in the boys room. I’m still bringing him in bed with me in the morning to try and catch a few hours (I mean minutes of sleep).

Also, he’s outgrown the sink. His poor little knees were up by his ears when we went to bathe him in the sink the other day. We tried the baby bather from when Zoe was a baby but it didn’t work. Yesterday I got a pillow that sits in the tub and he loved it. He can still scoot down in it but at least he wasn’t scrunched up.

More later…sometime.

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