I’m Watching…

My new stat counter (from statcounter.com) allows me to see where people are coming from. So, Bonjour to my one visitor, who stayed 0 seconds, from France!

It also lets me see what people have googled/searched and found me…

So, this tells me several things…
1. Some of you can’t remember my address, so you just google our names to find me 🙂 You’re smart!
2. Putting Masters and plaid pants on my blog has gotten me about three more hits (although they didn’t stay long…I thought the guy in the purple plaid pants was a good one though…maybe if I say Masters again, I’ll get more hits)
3. Lots of people are getting excited about Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed!

I’m waiting for the day I come up on searches like this woman’s blog does. I’m sure I have awhile to go though!

Masters 🙂

Oh, and I’m feeling a little better. Still can’t hear and still hurt some. I’m anticipating waking up tomorrow and feeling so great we can go to the gym!! Yea, right 🙂 I miss the eliptical machine (and no I’m not being sarcastic…30 minutes of just me burning calories…that I have to put back on so Josiah has milk…and my ipod…ahhh)

plaid pants 🙂

One thought on “I’m Watching…

  1. Abbie, You have definitely earned the crown for the Technology Queen! One day I’m going to call you so that you can teach me how to use my blog and do all of this cool stuff! I love the plaid pants by the way!!!

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