In His Glory

Please pray for one of the ministers from our church. He’s the one I’ve been posting about. Baby Emma went home to be with her Heavenly Father today. As a church family, we are all hurting for her and for Denny and Vickie. Please remember them in your prayers as they say good bye to their precious daughter.

They dedicated her and their raising of her to the Lord on Sunday. How fitting, that she is now fully with God. Fully healed. Not hurting. She is wrapped in her Savior’s arms. Whole.

One thought on “In His Glory

  1. Oh, Abbie, I am so sorry to read this. I actually met Denny in college years and year ago (he probably wouldn’t remember) at a BSU State Convention. I saw their precious Emma’s birth announcement in the paper on Sunday. They will be in our prayers.

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