It’s Raining! It’s Snowing!

We went to church as usual this evening for supper and towards the end of supper, we were informed it was snowing outside. I got the kids coats on quickly and ushered them outside to see the snow. Of course, it didn’t really stick and the only real thing that accumulated was the ice but we got to see it. And we had a quick ice ball fight when daddy brought the car around when it was time to leave. It was sleeting/freezing raining when we left church.

Zoe’s reaction: Oh wow! It’s snowing. I’m going to catch it on my tongue. (tilts head back and tries to stick out tongue) Ow! Snow got in my eye!

Ace’s reaction: Snow! Snow! Snow! (he also tried to catch it with his tongue but didn’t tilt his head back and had more success).

Liam’s reaction: Butball! (seeing some boys playing football on the front lawn…didn’t even notice the snow)

Josiah had no comment but he loved hearing the freezing rain hit the leaves and ground and had a big grin from that!

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