It’s spring!!

Actually, I think we bypassed spring and are heading to early summer! It’s been nice and warm here. Yesterday, we donned swimsuits (well, I donned a sewing needle to make repairs and adjust straps on one of Zoe’s swimsuits) and headed to the backyard to play in the sprinkler. I’m looking forward to getting a “pool” and playing in it soon…minus sewing needle. Liam loved the sprinkler and I had to turn the water off on him. It was still pretty cool when we went out, so Zoe and Ace gave up the game after about 30 minutes. When I was drying Liam off, he was shivering cold. I love the boys’ swimsuits! I think they are supposed to be that long…I think they look like Little Men. Zoe had picked out a ballerina swimsuit this year and was doing ballet all over the yard!

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