It’s that time of year

Josiah woke up this morning with a fever. He started with congestion last night and then it ballooned into a fever. Because I couldn’t remember when the hospitalization cut off was, I took him in to see Dr. B. She said it’s 2 months and under for fevers…for future reference for me.

His temp was down by the time we got to the office and he’s acting great. Just very congested but no wheezing and she felt that it wasn’t RSV because it’s a little early for that. So, we’ll give it the standard 2 weeks and if he’s not better or gets worse then we’ll take him back in.

Liam’s had the runny nose since Sunday and she did a quick check of his ears but he was all clear.

Lots of trusting in God today. Ace was 4 weeks old when he was hospitalized with a fever and it turned out to be viral meningitis. So, my nerves were on edge and I was really praying. I felt much better when Josiah’s temp went down on its own.

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