January Randoms

IMG_20160102_095728284 We had so much rain in December and January that our local dam had to open the floodgates completely open.  This is a big event in our area and doesn’t happen often at all.  It was quite impressive to see that much water spilling over into the river.  They had to keep them open for over seven days and had to open them again in February.  It’s been a very rainy winter.IMG_20160102_182149667 Bryants pre-cut ‘do.IMG_20160108_085358414 The kids are really enjoying watching Studio C.  Now they think they are all shoulder angels.IMG_20160108_085404086 That attack dads.IMG_20160108_085405821 IMG_20160108_191219072IMG_20160108_133933157_HDR Halo adjustment meant a post-appointment meal at Chick-fil-a.  This is getting to be a fun tradition.IMG_20160108_134003537_HDR Emmie had two sidekicks who braved Atlanta traffic with me. IMG_20160108_191906200 Emmie selfie. IMG_20160108_195047176 Frodo enjoys family worship and holding feet.IMG_20160111_115311821 What happens when your awesome son thinks that dishwashing soap is dishwasher soap.  IMG_20160111_115321553 IMG_20160111_115325597 Bubble time!IMG_20160111_115327733 Thankfully, it didn’t overflow and our dishwasher got really clean!IMG_20160111_193330432 Bryant lost his first tooth.  That little tooth has been with him since he was two months old.  No, I am not kidding.  He had two teeth at two months of age.  Still hard to believe he is growing up.IMG_20160112_091537325 Malachi’s normal stance.  Always ready for action.IMG_20160112_091615042 Just because cuteness.IMG_20160112_091736672 More Emmie pictures.  IMG_20160112_103507169 Emmie is great teaching assistant and takes her job very seriously.
IMG_20160112_202021686 Flowers in the hair for nap?  Of course.IMG_20160115_080547793 Emmie putting her little owl to sleep.IMG_20160119_101030720_HDR Zoe is a big help when we need letters translated in to Ukrainian.IMG_20160119_125121979 How Ace practices his Awana verses.  He was reciting by memory, upside down.IMG_20160123_203041471 “They” say that whatever you wind up with while playing Apples to Apples describes you.  These were Mark’s cards.
IMG_20160124_081221523 Our latest addition.  Winter.  She’s a sweetie and has become a good companion to Frodo.
IMG_20160127_140257866 She wanted her “bank” this afternoon.IMG_20160129_101656201 More Emmie selfies.IMG_20160129_123741819 One afternoon, Emmie wanted to sit in her chair to eat lunch.  We pick our battles around here and she was the cutest thing pulling her plate down and reaching up to grab what she wanted.  She ate the entire meal like this.

Beautiful day for a fun walk with the boys.

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