Josiah’s Firsts

Well, Saturday completed Josiah’s first month. He’s had a lot of first this month…including, being sat on by big brother Liam, getting to see all his grandparents, christening a church pew with (well you know), and smiling!

Yep, this past week, Josiah has graced us with a few “social” smiles. One of which went to Papa. He smiled at me on Saturday and then I passed him off to Mark and he started smiling at him. Such a sweet smile.

We also headed to the doctor today and he’s now on zantac for the reflux. He was just getting so fussy and acted like he was in a lot of pain. A friend also suggested I cut out dairy. While cutting it out isn’t an exact possibilty, I can cut back on it and I am going to try that, too to see how he reacts with it.

Josiah after his first smiles on Saturday.

Just pondering life with Ge!

Taking a snooze with Granddaddy. I can’t believe I got a picture of my dad smiling so big…but he does that with babies. He had a blast with a friend’s baby during Ace’s party.

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